[Computer-go] OT: prices for fast computer-go hardware

terry mcintyre terrymcintyre at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 7 14:21:04 PST 2010

RE: lots of RAM, as in one terabyte.

A while back, somebody experimented with building a very large opening book in 
SSDs, I think it was for 7x7 or 9x9 boards. 

I don't recall how big the SSDs were, or how useful the results were. 

Some interesting things seem to be in the development pipeline for much faster 
SSD (flash) and RAM technologies.

Is anybody still doing work with large clusters? It has been a while since I 
heard about Mogo on big clusters. Now, it appears to be more like a dozen or two 
CPUs, which is more accessible to the "average enthusiast," as opposed to the 
"big lab" - but doubling and quadrupling the number of CPU cores now seems to be 
more likely than doubling CPU clock speed. 

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