[Computer-go] OT: prices for fast computer-go hardware

David Fotland fotland at smart-games.com
Sun Nov 7 09:59:13 PST 2010

Go is so huge there is not much that can be done with big precalculated data
(like endgame tablebases in chess).  UCT is inherently serial, since it's a
best-first search algorithm.  It uses information learned during previous
playouts to direct the line for the next playout.  This also makes it hard
to use big memory.

I could a modest amount of additional memory.  I would keep more data per
move, use double floating point rather than single, etc.  That's about a
factor of four.  Ideally I'd like something like 2 GB per core.

Many Faces has to be frugal with memory because its commercial.  It has to
run well on older or smaller machines, so I default to a maximum of 300 MB
on a PC, and a maximum of 25 MB on an iPad.  On the PC the user can increase
the memory, but only to 1.5 GB total because the PC version has to be 32

The tournament version runs on a 64 bit 12 core using 12 GB of memory.


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> it occurs to me that much of what is being written is optimizing for
> cpu and not for ram. is this true? ram has often been the limiting
> factor in scientific computing -- having 16x ram can mean a major
> change in what you're able to accomplish. ram, consequently, is much
> more dicey to optimize for, since getting a lot of it can be very
> expensive.
> let me pose a thought experiment that i went through with a friend of
> mine one day when we discovered a machine with 1 TB of ram. what would
> you do differently with 1 TB of ram? assume (because it is) that it's
> all directly addressable, all very fast.
> to put it more sharply, would you be willing to trade your ideal
> current setup for a single-core, single-cpu modern intel machine
> running at the low end of the ops/sec range if you had 1TB of ram to
> play with? how would/could you rewrite your code to take advantage of
> this?
> s.
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