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Don Dailey dailey.don at gmail.com
Sun Nov 7 04:37:33 PST 2010

I think you get the most bang for the buck with the i7-980x,  which is not
really the same chip as the other Intel chips,  and I think they are coming
out with improved versions of that if they have not already.    This has 6
real cores (and 6 additional pseudo cores.)    It's not 8 or 16 or more like
we are talking about,  but you can put your own together for less than
$2000.0.    Each core is faster than the other i7 cores and it's clocked at
3.2 and can be seriously overclocked as it has the smaller die size compared
to the lesser i7's.     This chip itself is pricey,  but you get more
performance out of 1 of these than you do 2 of the other i7 quad cores we
are talking about.

Also,  don't forget that given the same total cpu cycles less cores is
better than more cores as a general rule.

For 5000 you could build 2 of these systems,  although they would be
separate boxes.


On Sun, Nov 7, 2010 at 7:06 AM, Petr Baudis <pasky at ucw.cz> wrote:

> On Sun, Nov 07, 2010 at 10:41:47AM +0900, Darren Cook wrote:
> > Or going AMD, I found a 4-CPU motherboard [6] for $750, which could be
> > fitted with 4 x 6-core 2.2Ghz opterons [7] for $480 x 4. Wow, $3350 for
> > a 24-core 2.2Ghz machine? (Perhaps those opterons are only for single
> > CPU configurations?)
> BTW, last I checked Intel still had *much* faster processors than AMD at
> the high end (though you pay more buck per computing power). If someone
> has any benchmarks that would point otherwise, I will be glad to see
> them, since we are currently picking a new HPC server to buy too.
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