[Computer-go] OT: prices for fast computer-go hardware

Darren Cook darren at dcook.org
Sat Nov 6 21:45:26 PDT 2010

> that motherboard is for the 8000 series opterons, not the 2000 series ones 
> you quote. The cheapest 8000 series is $1610 each.

Thanks for the correction David.

Poking around some more I found the G34 AMD CPUs, with 8 or 12 cores on
a single CPU. $420 for a dual-CPU motherboard [1]. Cheapest 8-core chip
is $300 [2]. So if $480 for everything else you need, $1500 for a
16-core machine? $800 for the 12-core chip, giving $2500 for a 24-core

I've done a little bit more study this time, and as far as I can tell
these 6100 series CPUs are fine for 2 and 4 socket motherboards. (A bit
more poking around couldn't find a 4-socket G34 motherboard that is not
just "coming soon".)



[2]: Note: no cooling.

[3]: Note: no cooling.

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