[Computer-go] OT: prices for fast computer-go hardware

David Doshay ddoshay at mac.com
Sat Nov 6 21:09:47 PDT 2010

that motherboard is for the 8000 series opterons, not the 2000 series ones 
you quote. The cheapest 8000 series is $1610 each.

According to 
the 2000 series can have 2 processors per motherboard, the 8000 can have 
from 4 to 8, so if you can cool it you can run 48 cores on a single motherboard
... but clearly that is way beyond the $5k target.


On 6, Nov 2010, at 7:03 PM, Michael Williams wrote:

>>> Or going AMD, I found a 4-CPU motherboard [6] for $750, which could be
>>> fitted with 4 x 6-core 2.2Ghz opterons [7] for $480 x 4. Wow, $3350 for
>>> a 24-core 2.2Ghz machine? (Perhaps those opterons are only for single
>>> CPU configurations?)

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