[Computer-go] Many Faces vs. Tromp

Darren Cook darren at dcook.org
Tue Nov 2 17:12:04 PDT 2010

Regarding using amazon or "donated cycles", the hardware has to be
present at the competition site. Given the rise of the internet and the
"cloud" this is actually proving to be the biggest restriction.

> i am going to assume that donated hardware violates the spirit of "the
> best hardware under $5000", correct?

This wasn't actually part of the original bet conditions, but we added
it to capture the idea of hardware that a serious computer enthusiast
might own. I think secondhand price would still be following the spirit
of the restriction, if the hardware is old enough for people to be
selling it.
I don't have $5000 to spend, so am trying to find some organization to
lend hardware in return for publicity; failing that I will hire a machine.


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