[Computer-go] Many Faces vs. Tromp

David Fotland fotland at smart-games.com
Tue Nov 2 09:17:07 PDT 2010

I can confirm that John was playing a version running on a 4-core 2.2 GHz,
Core2 Quad.  The engine had a few minor changes since Kanazawa, but no
significant changes in strength.

Your best chance would be to get the biggest SMP machine you can.  Many
Faces' cluster code is broken, and there is no guarantee I can fix it before
the end of the year.



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> Seemingly in preparation for the shodan go bet event (being held at the
> end of December in central London):
>   http://www.gokgs.com/gameArchives.jsp?user=tromp&year=2010&month=10
> 3-1 to Tromp :-(
> But better than 4-0 :-)
> I think ManyFaces2 is a recent version of the software, running on
> 4-cores. (ManyFaces1 runs on 12-cores, which is the one with the 2d
> ranking [1].)
> Incidentally, according to this page, and assuming John is a European
> 2-dan, then the program needs to be KGS 4-dan to have a 50% chance:
>   http://senseis.xmp.net/?RankWorldwideComparison
> Darren
> [1]: http://www.gokgs.com/graphPage.jsp?user=ManyFaces1
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