[Computer-go] effectiveness of transposition tables for go

Jean-loup Gailly jloup at gailly.net
Fri May 7 06:31:56 PDT 2010

Thanks for your answers. So nobody has actually measured the gain (in elo
brought by a transposition table in MCTS, compared to a simple tree, but the
general consensus is that it doesn't not buy much for go. I'm still tempted
to try and do
this measurement myself. Does Zen use a simple tree or a transposition


2010/5/6 Jean-loup Gailly <jloup at gailly.net>

> Petr Baudis and I have a debate about the effectiveness of transposition
> tables for go.  My guess is that, compared to a simple tree, a
> transposition
> table should make the program stronger, particularly for long games and
> many
> cores.  Petr thinks that transposition tables are much less effective in go
> than in chess.  For those of you using a transposition table, did you
> observe a strength increase? If so do you have even a vague estimate of how
> many elo points this can bring? Is it more effective in 19x19 or 9x9?
> Thanks.
> Jean-loup
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