[Computer-go] Parameter Optimization with Local Quadratic Regression

Rémi Coulom Remi.Coulom at free.fr
Thu Mar 18 11:11:38 PDT 2010

René van de Veerdonk wrote:
> Rémi,
> Thanks for your updated presentation. I am very intrigued by this
> optimization procedure, but haven't quite figured out how it works in
> practice. The concept of parameterizing the input parameters is probably
> adding to the confusion on my end. Perhaps, one day, you will find the time
> to write a paper on the underlying math, the two presentations you provide
> are just a little too short on details. On the other hand, your code
> documents the process ... if only I had the courage to start reading/using
> it, or get myself to the point where I could start asking meaningful
> questions.

Yes, I am now preparing a paper. Please don't try to understand by 
reading the code, it is way too complicated.

> On the second part of your e-mail:
> I have not experienced a complete block of notifications, but have noticed
> that some messages are going into my spam folder in Gmail. If you are
> looking for a web interface, you could try the Google news-group at groups
> dot google dot com / group / computer-go-archive. A cursory inspection leads
> me to believe that all the messages are going there.

Thanks for this info, I did not know. Maybe the list was blacklisted 
somehow, and my university is also treating it at spam.


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