[Computer-go] Parameter Optimization with Local Quadratic Regression

René van de Veerdonk rene.vandeveerdonk at gmail.com
Wed Mar 17 20:53:20 PDT 2010


Thanks for your updated presentation. I am very intrigued by this
optimization procedure, but haven't quite figured out how it works in
practice. The concept of parameterizing the input parameters is probably
adding to the confusion on my end. Perhaps, one day, you will find the time
to write a paper on the underlying math, the two presentations you provide
are just a little too short on details. On the other hand, your code
documents the process ... if only I had the courage to start reading/using
it, or get myself to the point where I could start asking meaningful

On the second part of your e-mail:

I have not experienced a complete block of notifications, but have noticed
that some messages are going into my spam folder in Gmail. If you are
looking for a web interface, you could try the Google news-group at groups
dot google dot com / group / computer-go-archive. A cursory inspection leads
me to believe that all the messages are going there.

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