[Computer-go] Bots in real-world tournaments

David Doshay ddoshay at mac.com
Thu Mar 4 09:09:54 PST 2010

I agree completely that the arguments seemed more like stubborn
resistance than reasonable objections, but these are the reasons
given for keeping bots from routinely entering human tournaments.
There were references to the opinion that the AGA has "the gold
standard" in rating schemes, and that online forums like KGS are
not as reliable. It still seems to me that KGS ratings are a good first
guess at a rating. I found it interesting that I had not been in an 
AGA tournament for 18 years, was rated 10 kyu way back then,
but my badge at the Congress in Portland said 1 kyu. That 1 kyu
rating surely did not come from tournament play!

The Cotsen Open has a pretty good way of dealing with the other
reason (people travel to play other people) in that they announce
that a program will be playing in a bracket, and allow any player to
request *in advance of the pairings being determined* that they not
be paired against a computer program.


On 4, Mar 2010, at 8:56 AM, David Fotland wrote:

> Since bots can play on KGS to get a rating comparable to an AGA rating,
> there is no longer any need to guess at a rating.  This was more of an issue
> 15 years or 20 years ago.
> The other reason to keep bots out is because some people travel to a
> tournament and don’t want to waste a round playing a bot.

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