[Computer-go] ADMIN subscriber list

theRobot Vegetable veg at dvandva.org
Mon Mar 1 12:57:33 PST 2010

 	There have been some questions in regards to
the list of subscribers I used.

 	I did not have a current subscriber list. I do
have the mailman subscribe log from May 2004
through 14 Feb 2010.  This is a complete chronologically
ordered record of subscribes (regular or digest) and of
unsubscribes. It has no information as to various settings
such as setting delivery off/on.

 	I went through this list by hand, checking the
history of each address and adding it to the list if at
the end of the file the last thing was a subscribe.

 	It is ~4000 records long, took maybe 8 hours,
and I made some mistakes.

 	There were 5 bouncing addresses, 2 people wishing
to unsubscribe, and 1 person letting me know he's now
getting list traffic at an older subscribed address.
(That last counts as 2 errors)

 	I'm pretty happy with the result, all in all.
I'll have the website running as soon as I'm sure I
know what I'm doing.

 	And overall this is good, because this is
my house now, and I'm not a guest.


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