[Computer-go] Annual "KGS bot championship"

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>had you considered weighting for time?
>ie tournaments with longer time intervals might get higher weighting,
>cf some human dan ranking ladders which do not include fast play.

That is a good idea, though it will work in the opposite way from giving 
more points for tournaments with more rounds.

>it has been brought to my attention that whilst humans like relatively 
>long time periods, and require them to play well, there is currently a 
>bias in computer tournaments towards fast play.

I don't know about a "bias towards fast play".  Bias relative to what? 
To what humans prefer?

In organising bot tournaments, on KGS and elsewhere, I used to come 
under pressure to use slower time limits.  This seemed odd, as the 
programs didn't know what to do with the extra thinking time, you could 
give them twice as much time and the moves they found were hardly any 
better.  Their algorithms did not scale.

But in the last four years, since MC programs started to appear, things 
have changed.  All good bots now use MC methods, which do scale.  The 
more time, and the more processors, a program has, the better it plays. 
But now, I come under pressure (from programmers) to use faster time 

This seems odd to me.  Maybe the continuing advances in processor speed 
are relevant.


>On 2 Jul 2010, at 10:37, Nick Wedd wrote:
>> This is to announce the start of the annual "KGS bot championship".
>> From now on, in each monthly KGS bot championship, points will be 
>>awarded for the first few places - there might be four points for 
>>first place, two for second, and one for third.  These points will be 
>>summed over the year, and the program with the most points will be 
>>declared "annual champion" at the end of the year.
>> I am still working on how to award the points.  The number awarded in 
>>each tournament will depend mostly on the number of players, also to 
>>some extent on umber of rounds, and board size.
>> As we are already in July (with the next bot tournament this Sunday), 
>>2010 will be an experimental half-year, with only the results from 
>>July-December counted.
>> Nick
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