[Computer-go] Zen vs Tromp: now 1-1

Don Dailey dailey.don at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 06:13:03 PDT 2010

Presumably John is fully motivated to win these test games, right?

It's almost annoying when you here some report of a game or match where a
computer did reasonably well only to hear the human was "experimenting"  or
"making the game interesting" by playing stupid moves or that he was "not
really trying" etc.

I would prefer to only hear about honest efforts with no excuses.

In this case I assume John is working hard for the wins.   Of course I don't
mind some experimentation if it's in the form of realistic attempts to learn
and probe the computers weaknesses.   It's encouraging that Zen can give him
some good resistance.    This was unthinkable just 10 years ago.


On Fri, Aug 27, 2010 at 8:06 AM, "Ingo Althöfer" <3-Hirn-Verlag at gmx.de>wrote:

> In this night another game took place on KGS
> between Zen5.8 and John Tromp. This time, the
> account "ZenTest" was used by the bot.
> The game ended after move 142 by resignation of
> John Tromp. At that point, Zen saw 77 % for
> itself. In relative contrast, Many Faces gives
> still 40 % for Black after move 142. Leela 4.0
> even sees 50 % for Black.
> The sgf can be downloaded from
> http://www.gokgs.com/gameArchives.jsp?user=ZenTest
> Ingo.
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