[Computer-go] Last night: Zen5.8 vs John Tromp

"Ingo Althöfer" 3-Hirn-Verlag at gmx.de
Thu Aug 26 01:40:17 PDT 2010

Tonight an interesting game was played in the
cellars of KGS: Zen19N vs Tromp.
(Zen is a bot, Tromp is John Tromp...)

You can download the sgf from the KGS archives at

For a long time bots (Zen itself, Many Faces) believed
that White (=Zen) was clearly ahead. But around move 200
the evaluations swung over, until Tromp won after move 271.

Snips from the online chat:

agugglez [3k]: whats the purpose of this game?
ZenAuthor [-]: a practice for "Shodan Gobet"
agugglez [3k]: whats that about?
ZenAuthor [-]: http://dcook.org/gobet/

ZenAuthor [-]: tromp wished to play it though zen will not participate this event
agugglez [3k]: what program is going to play then?
ZenAuthor [-]: not yet decided but probably fuego
agugglez [3k]: why is not zen playing? u dont wan the prize? 
ZenAuthor [-]: for some reason :)
yoyoma [1d]: Oh I was really hoping it would be Zen vs Tromp for the bet  :(

After the end of the game:
tromp [-]: thx
agugglez [3k]: well done tromp!
ZenAuthor [-]: gg
tromp [-]: got nervous when hitting byoyomi
yoyoma [1d]: I'm looking forward to the match  :)
tromp [-]: me too
yoyoma [1d]: Have you practiced much vs the new computers?

Deep in thoughts,
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