[Computer-go] Tactical position

Brian Sheppard sheppardco at aol.com
Tue Aug 24 09:56:56 PDT 2010

>I ran Many Faces for 90 seconds and it likes D3 for X with 75% win rate, 21

>ply PV, 1.3M playouts.


>Indeed. I ran Valkyria for 95 seconds. It used about 400k playouts  
>with a 31 ply PV but with an unusual amount of junk moves. It give 70%  
>to black.



I am glad that it's not just me. :-)



>The right move against X D3 seems O C2, doesn't it?
>Then X F2, O D1, X E1, O C1.
>The major white group get alive by sacrificing small portion
>at E2 and F3.


You are right. In fact, Pebbles plays C2 after X play D3, and I did not
realize that it

was right. I thought F2 was necessary.


Pebbles still has major problems winning the battle on the left in the



Interesting: I went into this thinking that I should find situations where O
is making

errors. But I often find that I get better results from fixing
*frequent*errors, regardless

of the color committing them. When X plays better then O realizes more
quickly that

it has to change.




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