[Computer-go] Fuego's new opening

Jason House jason.james.house at gmail.com
Thu Apr 29 20:12:16 PDT 2010

There was a post on the Fuego mailing list that may be of interest:

After some complaints about broken opening books on the fuegoob-site,  
I had to rebuild the big opening books.
They are now a bit smaller, but still big enough in comparison to the  
official OB.

The first one base on the professional games is a stable one and can  
be used to test against.
The second with the amateur games included is less stable, but  
therefore not less useful of course.

With kind regards,
Ben Lambrechts

On Apr 29, 2010, at 10:25 PM, "David Fotland" <fotland at smart- 
games.com> wrote:

> I noticed on CGOS that the latest Fuego is starting at the 5-4 point  
> rather
> than the 5-5 point.  I know that Fuego uses a book.  Does this mean  
> that
> analysis of games between strong programs shows that 5-4 is  
> significantly
> better than 5-5?
> David
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