[Computer-go] Many Faces and Japanese rules

Aja ajahuang at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 04:37:24 PDT 2010

> On 2010-04-27 05:05, Aja wrote:
>> I think your two phases consideration is correct.
> For ordinary Japanese rules when ignoring details.
>> Whatever we do to the Chinese scoring,
>> it should be equivalent to the Japanese scoring, except the special cases 
>> of seki.
> Plus-minus 1 point and if the territory boundaries are already fixed and 
> except for other special (ko) cases!
> Also do not forget numbers of removed stones and of placed stones 
> (alternatively: differences of passes / tenukis) inside a local region. 
> Only then you get the obvious local missing score changes proven in 
> general by Berlekamp and me.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your opinion. My approach has already considered plus-minus 1 and 
differences of passes, but only globally rather than locally. I wonder do 
you think it is OK?


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