[Computer-go] Many Faces and Japanese rules

Aja ajahuang at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 20:05:18 PDT 2010

> I just checked to be sure; Steenvreter correctly passes in both
> examples. I'm speculating, but I think your problem is that you only
> adjust for the difference between Japanese and Chinese counting in the
> playouts. However, once consecutive passing gets into the tree you
> have to correct earlier.

Hi Erik,

Actually I have corrected the scoring in the tree as well. In my approach, 
no matter in the tree or in the playout, the Chinese-style scoring is 
adjusted according to Margin and the PASS counts of both sides.

I think your two phases consideration is correct. And I believe my approach 
has no problem for this. Whatever we do to the Chinese scoring, it should be 
equivalent to the Japanese scoring, except the special cases of seki. For 
example, if one move loses 1 point in Chinese scoring (such as filling own 
territory), it should also loses 1 point in Japanese scoring. If one move 
gains 1 point in Chinese scoring, it also gains 1 point in Japanese scoring. 
They are equivalent no matter in the tree or in the playout.

So, based on such concept, my approach is OK in your confirmation phase. No 
matter in the tree of playout, if Black loses 1 point by filling own 
territory or playing in White's territory, in the next move White will do 
the same thiing and cancel back Black's loss. Likewise, if there are moves 
to gain profit, it is equivalent for the playouts for both scoring methods 
to play at such points.

(No long no see, will you go to Japan this olympiad?)


> The way I think of it Japanese rules have two phases: (1) the game
> phase and (2) the confirmation phase. In the game phase passing first
> can gain a point. In the confirmation phase it can not. The
> confirmation phase normally starts after 2 consecutive passes. If the
> confirmation phase has not started yet in the tree then the entire
> playout can be considered a confirmation phase.
> Erik
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