[Computer-go] Many Faces and Japanese rules

Aja ajahuang at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 02:12:29 PDT 2010

I was considering to score in Japanese rules correctly before the UEC Cup 
last year.  Here is my approach, I wonder how do you think.

1. Store the PASS counts of both sides, no matter in UCT tree or playout.
Assume that from the empty position to the end of the playout, black passes 
Pb times and
white Pw times.

2. if (Black plays the last move)

3. In the scoring of playout, just score in Chinese way, but modify Black's 
territory as:
Black's territory=Black's territory-(Margin+(Pw-Pb))

By this, we can just let the playout run in Chinese rules as usual. But I am 
not sure if this approach can handle seki correctly.


> Darren Cook wrote:
>>> I kind of see how to do it in the tree, but can you handle Japanese
>>> rules even in the playout phase? ...
>>Incidentally, I believe Many Faces is the only MC bot capable of doing
>>this. Even Made In Japan bots such as Zen seem to be using Chinese rules
>>exclusively in the playouts.
> Zen also considers the difference of Japanese rules and Chinese rules in
> the playouts. However it is unstable when the pass is the only winning
> move. I wonder if MFG can handle it correctly.
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> Yamato
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