[Computer-go] Komi and the value of the first move

Jacques BasaldĂșa jacques at dybot.com
Sat Apr 10 04:59:17 PDT 2010

John Tromp wrote:

> I doubt that komi converges. There will be a liminf (i would guess
> between 5 and 7) and a limsup (i would guess between 7 and 9),
> and i'm pretty sure liminf < limsup...

One reason this could happen is because increasing board size
makes the number of hot spots alternate between even and odd.

The 19x19 board has 9 hoshi points, but a bigger boards
have 16, 25, ...

Playing black is more advantageous when the number of
hot spots is odd as he can get one more.

Of course, this is highly speculative and the whole hot spot
idea is an oversimplification.


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