[Computer-go] ambient temperature through the game.

Martin Mueller mmueller at ualberta.ca
Sat Apr 10 09:33:39 PDT 2010

Yes. The theory behind this is described in Berlekamp's "The Economist's View of Combinatorial Games"


> It is possible to calculate the importance of tedomari.
> Suppose we play a game ignoring tedomari.  As the value of sente drops from (about) 14 to 0, which will each get about seven points' worth of tedomari effect, though we won't be aware of it.  Now suppose we play another game, in which you manage the tedomari perfectly, while I ignore it.  You will gain all 14 points' worth.  Thus you will win the second game by 14 more points than the first.  So the value of understanding and applying tedomari perfectly is twice the correct value of komi, or the marginal value of one handicap stone.

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