[Computer-go] ambient temperature through the game.

Stefan Kaitschick stefan.kaitschick at hamburg.de
Sat Apr 10 03:02:36 PDT 2010

> In the simplest model, ambient never increases. But in a case such as 
> this, it would make sense to "restart".
> The typical model in Go seems that there is large-scale fighting with very 
> high temperatures in the middle game, then it sooner or later settles into 
> the large endgame with a few moves at temperature of maybe 10, then drops 
> quickly. It would be interesting to do a large-scale study but we cannot 
> do this automatically yet.
> Here is what I know about real-life endgame analysis using temperatures:
> Berlekamp, Spight and their students have analyzed a number of difficult 
> human endgames by using combinatorial game theory. Their analyses usually 
> uncover a number of mistakes even in top professional play.
> In Berlekamp's "environmental Go", the values of moves on the board must 
> constantly be compared to a stack of "coupons", simple gote plays worth a 
> decreasing number of points. There have been several matches where 
> professionals play environmental Go. One such endgame is analyzed in great 
> depth by Spight at
> http://www.msri.org/publications/books/Book42/files/spight.pdf
> Martin

Temperature is really meant for endgame analysis.
When the board situation is too fluid to be broken down into local 
situations, even assigning move values becomes speculative.
What is important though for the whole game, is the concept of  the last big 
move.  (http://senseis.xmp.net/?Tedomari)
The temperature may not drop monotonously, but there will be temperature 
If one side got in one more move at the higher temperature than the other, 
it profited by the margin of the drop.
One of the many differences between the pros and amateurs is that pros are 
keenly aware of this concept.
(We amateurs have our hands full looking for the next big point.)
The decision between war and peace is often influenced by a looming 
If the other side threatens to take such a point if the game proceeds 
"normally", all hell will usually brake loose instead.
(The commentary usually says "fighting for sente". But the reason they are 
fighting for sente is the tedomari.)


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