[Computer-go] Komi and the value of the first move

Nick Wedd nick at maproom.co.uk
Fri Apr 9 09:02:51 PDT 2010

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compgo123 at aol.com writes
>It's a good observation that as the Go board size increases, komi

Is there any evidence at all for this, for boards larger than 7x7?

> It can also be understand as that the playing skill
>decreases, komi decreases.


> If the game is palyed perfectly, the komi
>has to be 361.

This is ludicrous.  And inconsistent with your claim that komi decreases 
with increasing board size.

>The trend in professional Go is that the value of komi
>gradually increasing over the time. This indicates that the playing
>skill is ncreasing with the tme.

Komi has increased much faster than is accounted for by increasing 

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