[Computer-go] Searching for "Go" on the internet

Richard Brown batmagoo at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 08:57:02 PDT 2010

Searching for "go game" - *including *the quotation marks yields good
results, in English.

If your browser supports unicode, you can search for:

   - 囲碁  (Japanese kanji for "igo".)
   - 圍棋  (Traditional Chinese han zi for "wei ch'i", as will be found on
   Taiwanese sites.)
   - 围棋  (Simplified Chinese hànzì for "wéiqí", as will be found on mainland
   Chinese sites.)
   - 바둑  (Korean hangul for "baduk".)

Also very useful, when searching for game records, are:

   - 棋譜  (Japanese "kifu".)
   - 棋谱  (Simplified Chinese "qipu".)
   - 棋譜  (Traditional Chinese, not sure of romanization.)
   - 기보  (Korean "gibo".)

Familiarity with the languages helps, but is not essential.  (Search results
can be piped through http://translate.google.com/ .)
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