[Computer-go] Komi and the value of the first move

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Nitpick: it doesn't necessarily give the players an equal chance of winning,
it just makes perfect players tie. Equal probability of winning is likely
not achievable in go (though it would be a poor game if it weren't at least

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>  I couldn't find the article again where I read that 20 - 30 points was an
>>>  accepted value for the first move.
>> If you mean 19x19 and the first move is played in the corner, then its
>> value is around 10 points.
> I think it's closer to 14 points.
>  That's why we generally regard 1 stone handicaped = 10 points.
> Those who regard each handicap stone as worth 10 points are, I believe,
> mistaken.  The first handicap stone is worth the same as the correct komi,
> and each subsequent handicap stone is worth twice the correct komi.
>  But if the first move is played in the center or the edge, then its value
>> is lower than 10 points. So, actually the value of the first move depends on
>> the location it is played.
> I believe that an opening move on, say, a 4-4 point is worth about 14
> points.  An opening move on a 4-10 or a 10-10 point may be worth slightly
> less (though I have seen no convincing evidence of this), but still more
> than 10 points.
> Nick
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