[Computer-go] Komi and the value of the first move

timothy.maguire at tesco.net timothy.maguire at tesco.net
Mon Apr 5 08:45:37 PDT 2010

I've been looking at a lot of theoretical questions about Go, and there's a point that seemed interesting and I'd like to know what other people think.

I read that the value of the first move is accepted to be 20 to 30 points.

If you consider the effect of black passing rather than making the first move so allowing white to make the first move, then the remainder of the game starting with white's first move and followed by black would be identical to a game with black starting, except with the colours of stones reversed. 

As I see it this would mean that the value of the first move has to be twice the value of the Komi, as it should have eactly the same effect as swapping adding the komi to one side rather than the other, therefore resulting in a change of 2 x Komi to the final score.

This would put the value of the first move at 13 to 16 points.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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